Introducing The Centinel Intelligent Sensor Ball

The Future Of Heat Exchanger Monitoring And Optimization

Introducing the future of heat exchanger monitoring and optimization technology, Innovas Technologies is proud to announce the development of the first ever submersible, micro-mobile sensor package designed to give the operator a clear view of the status of an operating shell and tube heat exchanger. Aptly named “Centinel” the new sensor balls are intended to operate in tandem with regular sponge cleaning balls working in our Helios Tube Cleaning System (TCS).

Historically, maintenance of shell and tube heat exchangers has always included manual cleaning, inspection and manual Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) via eddy current testing. These events have always taken place during both planned and unplanned shutdowns. Centinel and the Helios TCS will eliminate the need to manually clean heat exchangers and will provide online tube health readings continuously while the shell and tube exchanger is operating. Furthermore, Centinel will enable fine level flow adjustments through very accurate speed and temperature readings throughout the full length of an operating exchanger. Follow on versions will include heat exchanger eddy current testing on a continuous basis during heat exchange operation.

Works In Tandem With Sponge Ball Condenser Cleaning Systems

Centinel is designed to be retrofitted affordably into our existing Helios TCS systems as well as competitive sponge ball condenser cleaning systems. Also, there are many sensor upgrades planned to enable the customer to reduce the cost of operating their heat exchangers while simultaneously improving heat exchange reliability. How? Through Centinel, we can eliminate tube fouling and monitor exact flow and temperature specific tube performance. The next generation of Centinel will include in-operation eddy current measurement and continuous vibration analysis to help isolate failing systems before they create an unplanned shutdown.

Product Goals And Benefits

Our goal is Industry leading operational efficiency with the benefits of reduced unplanned heat exchange shutdown, reduced energy costs, increased existing chiller capacity, online NDE, system failure prediction and reduced workload. Plus, we envision more capability to further reduce costs and hassle of the management of heat exchangers and improve reliability with operating systems. In short, we are reinventing best practice in heat exchanger maintenance.

Centinel, leading in American Excellence by establishing the new normal, online heat exchanger maintenance and monitoring.

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