Helios Automatic Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems

  • Prevent Heat Exchanger Tube Fouling
  • Improve Chiller Efficiency
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Increase Sustainability
The ProblemThe Solution
Innovas Technologies offers automatic chiller and condenser tube cleaning systems. These systems work to prevent tube microfouling and scaling, and dramatically improve chiller efficiency and industrial cooling process performance. You’ll save energy, reduce maintenance, and extend the life of your capital equipment — making them your best value.

Commercial Cooling

Facilities like hospitals and universities can improve energy efficiency of water-cooled chillers and central chilled water plants.

Power Generation

Condenser tube cleaning systems for on-load cleaning of surface condensers in steam or combined cycle plants.


Clean your plant’s heat exchangers naturally and sustainably, without costly process shutdowns or chemicals.


Innovative Helios tube cleaning system technology cleans your refinery’s heat exchangers naturally and sustainably.

Case Studies

Find out how our products have improved chiller efficiency and reduced energy costs at several real world facilities.

Helios Tube Cleaning System Installation Gallery

Photos of our automatic chiller and condenser tube cleaning system hardware and installations.