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Learn how leading institutions have reduced their energy costs and eliminated manual tube cleaning using the Helios TCS.

University of Wisconsin – Project Update

A fast project payback and exceptional reliability led WW-Madison toward a university-wide implementation of the Helios TCS®. The results have been transformational related to the energy consumption, chiller maintenance labor hours, and the reliability of the central plants.

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Duke University Case Study

In late 2019, Innovas Technologies and Duke University entered a partnership to install the Helios Tube Cleaning System on several chillers distributed throughout 3 different CCWP plants. The project involved 17 chillers providing 56,000 tons of district cooling for the Duke facilities infrastructure.

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University of Virginia Case Study

District level utility systems serve the more than 18M square feet and include 11 central cooling plants, 6.27 miles of utility tunnels, and 220 miles of underground distribution lines. Centralized cooling plants serve 10M square feet from more than 45,000 tons of cooling capacity comprised of 39 chillers.

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University of Nebraska Lincoln Case Study

As is frequently the case, a single Helios-equipped chiller would be compared with an identical “control” chiller operating operating without a tube cleaning system. Both chillers had to be in close-proximity and under the same environmental factors, to enable the best-possible measurement & verification (M&V) protocols.

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George Mason University Feature

George Mason University

George Mason University’s facilities team realized that the Helios® represented a significant tool to reduce Mason’s energy usage and carbon footprint. The result was an annual energy reduction of 550,000 kW-hrs and $45,000 in annual cost savings.

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Configure your system based on number of chillers, pipe size, and get a custom quote. Designed and built in the United States, the Helios TCS system is constructed to thrive in the most challenging environments.


The award winning Helios TCS® is a breakthrough solution eliminating tube fouling in water-cooled heat exchangers. An automated preventative cleaning system.


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