Case Studies

One of the chiller rooms discussed in our case studies

Improving Chiller Energy Efficiency Through Automatic Tube Cleaning System Technology

Solutions for improving chiller energy efficiency by reducing fouling of shell and tube heat exchangers are discussed. Sponge-ball type automatic tube cleaning system (ATCS) technology is introduced as a solution for improving chiller energy efficiency and ATCS operating principles are presented.

Helios Automatic Tube Cleaning System Case Study: VCU Medical Center

In December 2014, VCU Medical Center in Richmond, VA installed Innovas Technologies’ Helios Tube Cleaning System on a 1200-ton Trane chiller. Implementation of our system improved chiller efficiency by 8% and reduced energy consumption by over 2 million kW-hrs.

Condenser tube cleaning system ball trap

Condenser Tube Cleaning System Custom Design & Fabrication

Dominion Power is one of United States’ largest producers and transporters of energy, with a portfolio of approximately 25,700 megawatts of generation. In 2015, Dominion contracted Innovas Technologies to provide optimized performance over a competitor’s existing condenser tube cleaning system.

Sacred Heart Medical Center

Helios Automatic Tube Cleaning System Case Study: Sacred Heart Medical Center

After initial installation in 2013, the ATCS systems have provided exceptional fouling prevention and cleaning at the Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend. In fact, the facilities team has not had to clean the condensers since the day the ATCS’s were activated, now going on four years.

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