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Innovas Technologies designs and manufactures Automatic Tube Cleaning System products for industry segments including Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Industrial & Processing.


Innovas Technologies has spent the last decade building products that empower our customers to overcome operational problems related to heat exchanger tube fouling. Innovas is devoted to the success of our customers through quality, service and innovative product development offering best practice life cycle value benefits. Our next horizon leads us to improving value for our customers in IoT, Data Analytics and advanced sensor technologies to give them more control and predictability over their operations.

Oil and Gas Industry Solutions

Expanding upon growing HVAC and Power Generation presence, Innovas Technologies enters the oil and gas industry with a SAG-D Solution with Shell Oil in Alberta, Canada. Innovas excels at meeting the demanding engineering and quality assurance requirements required from the oil industry. Innovas proudly translates these high standards for quality and performance across production for all industry segments.

USA Manufacturing

Innovas Technologies begins design and manufacturing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Facility represents state of the art advanced manufacturing center for sheet metal, steel, and piping fabrication. Designed and fabricated to ASME, NEC, and UL codes and standards, Innovas’ equipment adheres to rigorous quality management and schedule delivery requirements.


  • University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA | Size: 25+ Exchangers from 8” to 16” Piping | Application: HVAC Central Chilled Water Plants. Awarded International District Energy Association 2021 Innovation of the Year for implementation of the Helios TCS across its plants and wider contributions to District Cooling industry
  • Duke University, Raleigh, NC | Size: 17 Exchangers with 16” to 20” Piping | Application: HVAC Central Chilled Water Plant.
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI | Size 20 Exchangers from 18” to 36” piping totaling  54,000 Tons of cooling, including the world’s largest chillers.
  • Dominion Power, Mt. Storm, WV | Size: 2 Exchangers with 36″ Piping | Application: Power Generation – Steam Turbine Surface Condenser

District Cooling & Power Generation Market Entries

Innovas enters into the District Cooling market providing automatic tube cleaning solutions for water-cooled chillers up to and exceeding 2000 tons. Entry into Power Generation industry through Helios installation in support of improving surface condenser efficiency for Dominion Power.


Innovas Technologies is founded to address the problem of shell and tube heat exchanger fouling by building an advanced Automatic Tube Cleaning System (ATCS). The Helios Tube Cleaning System® advances ATCS technology by combining state of the art manufacturing and innovation with world class service and support, while adhering to our foundational commitment to exceptional quality and long-term customer success.