About Condenser Tube Fouling

Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Fouling Causes And Costs

Shell and Tube heat exchanger fouling is a well known phenomenon. However, the true nature of fouling and its operational impacts are very often underestimated. Condenser tube fouling comes in four major forms and is found in up to 95 percent of operating shell and Tube exchangers. Some estimates place the cost of this unchecked fouling to the U.S. economy alone at over $70 billion. This vast amount of waste occurs despite operators belief that manual cleaning these exchangers will mitigate the problem. Fortunately, new technology from Innovas Technologies provides a solution to solve shell and Tube fouling related losses. Like anything problematic, it’s key to understand the nature of the issue fully before an effective solution can be integrated. View the video below to learn more.

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