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How long does it take to install the Helios TCS?
The Helios Tube Cleaning System is installed on heat exchangers and keeps the tubes clean without time-consuming intervention. Typical installations, such as central chilled water plants in hospitals or universities, require less than 20 man-hours and only 8 hours of process shutdown. Ball traps are available in a variety of shapes and flow configurations to integrate easily with existing pipe runs and available space for installation.
What is the average annual cost savings for a Helios enabled chiller?
Data shows that the average annual cost savings in energy production can range anywhere between $40,000 and $65,000 or more depending on the size of the chiller.
How does Helios improve sustainability?
Improving the efficiency of water-cooled chillers, central chilled water plants and heat exchangers saves both energy consumption and reduces the carbon footprint. Data shows that projected lifetime CO² emissions can be anywhere between 6,000 and 10,000 tons.
How does automatic tube cleaning reduce maintenance costs?
Replacing manual cleaning with automated tube cleaning technology has a tremendous impact on required maintenance. Because the Helios system continually keeps chiller tubes clean there is no requirement for lengthy manual tube cleaning and no disruption to chiller operation.
What impact does the Helios TCS have on reliability?
92% of chillers are subject to tube fouling. Because the Helios TCS proactively keeps tubes clean, both chiller capacity and reliability are improved substantially
How are custom fabrication needs addressed?
Innovas Technologies has extensive capability to produce custom fabrication to adapt Helios installation within unique environments. This includes design | build, hydraulic testing, fabrication and commissioning of systems.

Customer Testimonials

“We provide better cooling and at the same time, reduce the maintenance requirements of our chillers.”

Travis T.

Power Plant Manager | University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Savings include energy, maintenance and elimination of workload associated with fouling.”

Pat L.

Central Utility Plant Lead | Sacred Heart Medical Center

“We used a third party to validate Innovas ’ savings numbers and they turned out better than claimed.”

Mike O.

Cooling Plant Manager | Xcel Energy Denver District