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Continuous Robotic Tube Cleaning Eliminates Condenser Fouling – Entirely.
October 11, 2016
Innovas Technologies

Shell and tube heat exchanger fouling causes an $80B waste in the US alone, and almost all chiller operators are paying into this waste account.  The Helios TCS provides work-reducing, reliable and simple automation for any organization seeking operational excellence in cost performance and energy efficiency.

The Helios Tube Cleaning System enables continuous cleaning of condenser tubes to prevent fouling and optimize chiller performance.  Scale and biofilm typically takes several days to weeks to begin to take up residence on the inside of tubes.  The Helios TCS automatically sends cleaning media through the tubes every 20 minutes via computer-controlled injections.  The cleaning media, specially made sponge balls, clean and prevent micro-level biofilm and scale from getting established. The Helios TCS uses state of the art digital PLC controls and mechanical design philosophy to ensure world-class reliability and performance.

Whether it’s a surface condenser in a power station, overheads condenser in a chemical plant, or water-cooled chiller condenser or evaporator, Helios TCS technology can improve process performance and energy efficiency, while reducing maintenance requirements.