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Secrets of Leaders Who Drive Efficiency Improvement in Commercial Facilities
October 19, 2018
Innovas Technologies

At Innovas Technologies we interact daily to managers who are working to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of central cooling and distributed cooling systems. We believe that most facilities and operations managers we encounter desire to make their part of the business better and are continually working towards efficient facilities management. However, periodically, we encounter managers who are trailblazers in thought leadership and execution of efficiency innovations within their organizations. There seems to be some consistent characteristics of these individuals that we believe makes them extraordinarily effective. They are so effective that we have named them “Operators”, because they make things happen! In short, their presence is inspiring because they prove daily, “We can all be better” and that’s a good thing!

  1. The stand out leader, or Operator possesses a very strong grasp of the technical requirements of their facilities. In other words, “They know how things work” and are passionate. This includes the full range of equipment from how a chiller operates, to environmental management processes to complex data management systems and how they operate and everything in between. This knowledge enables them to collaborate with their team when exploring better ways of doing things. In fact, their knowledge often serves to challenge their team to think deeper to find improvement opportunities.
  2. Action. Benjamin Franklin stated, “The key to success can be comprised in one word, and one word only, action!!”. The stand out leaders we encounter are always moving something forward. Big or small, projects under these managers are dynamic and they keep moving to completion.
  3. The Operator embraces technology. Our world is transforming technologically at the most rapid pace in history, and as a result, transformational capabilities are now at our fingertips. The stand out leader drives the integration of new technology in a way that does not alienate their staff. In fact, they are experts in involving their staff in the successful implementation.
  4. 4. The Operator uses varied feedback methods to measure and manage progress. From data acquisition systems, to expense related data, system performance quality and the feedback of team members all are used to complete an accurate picture of the organizations direction and effectiveness.
  5. Lastly, the Operator is strongly supportive of his/her team. In fact, this is their predominant characteristic. While the Operator pushes his/her team to grow and master new skills, they always project the feeling that each of the members of the team are more important than the jobs they do. The result? The whole team displays a high degree of energy, camaraderie and sense of worth.

In the end, these leaders are harnessing the new opportunities that rapidly emerging technology presents to reduce the inefficiencies associated with the established status quo.