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Innovas Project Update: George Mason University
May 30, 2017
Innovas Technologies
George Mason University Central Heating and Cooling Plant

The first Helios TCS automatic tube cleaning system installation was completed at George Mason University (GMU) during the first quarter of 2017.  GMU has taken an aggressive approach towards efficiency and innovation, and in their investigative process realized that their chillers were a great opportunity for obtaining cost saving improvement.  Encouraged by observing the success the University of Virginia has achieved with the Helios TCS condenser tube cleaning systems, GMU installed a single Helios TCS on a 1400-Ton chiller in their central cooling plant.

Chiller Automatic Tube Cleaning SystemHelios TCS Installed on 1400 Ton Trane Chiller at George Mason University

The early results have been very good with improved approach temperatures compared to previous year’s operation and better than design values.  Considering the successes already observed and the path to a 2.3-year simple project payback, GMU has decided to add an additional Helios TCS immediately to the neighboring 1400-ton chiller and is pressing forward with benchmark-related initiatives focused on optimizing chiller efficiency and quality of chilled water plant operations.

                             Helios TCS Skid Installed at GMU                     Helios TCS Collector Installed at GMU

Initially, GMU studied the Helios concept very thoroughly as it represented a profoundly different approach than periodic manual cleaning, and they wanted to ensure that no undue operational risk was present with the automatic tube cleaning system.  To the contrary, they have discovered that in the old-fashioned status quo habit of manual cleaning they were wasting significant amounts of time, money and maintenance effort.  As an added benefit, GMU anticipates increased cooling capacity as the months turn warmer.   Innovation leads to success in many ways and GMU is leading they way into the future as a successful innovator.