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The H-Metis™ Series 100 Controls System increases interoperability with building automation systems.

H-Metis™ controls by Innovas Technologies represents the new standard for the Helios Tube Cleaning system.  H-Metis offers an advanced user interface with flexible architecture and increased interoperability with building automation systems (BAS).  This offers customers unlimited compatibility to ensure maximum performance from Helios TCS applicatyions.  Designed for the future, H-Metis is scalable for advancements in machine learning, sensor evolution, fault detection and IOT applications…all while maintaining the strict quality and reliability standards Innovas customers have come to expect.


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What makes H-Metis™ controls unique?

The system continuously cleans heat exchangers by circulating sponge balls through the heat exchanger tubes at programmed intervals, preventing residue, deposits, and bio-film from accumulating in the tubes.

The H-Metis™ 100 Controls System is a plug-in communications module, and is available for either BACnet MS/TP BACNet IP protocol or MODBUS RTU RS232/485 protocol. The communications modules enable seamless communication with the facility control room for alarm notifications, monitoring, and control of the Helios system.

  • HMI Streamlined for Ease of Navigation
  • Customize for Site-Specific Nomenclature
  • Simplified Operational Logic Aids in Operation
  • Remote Monitoring Capability

  • BACnet MS/TP BACNet IP protocol
  • MODBUS RTU RS232/485 protocol
  • Powered by Allen Bradley PLC programming
  • Expanded Data Capture
  • DC Platform for Reliability

  • Adaptable to Display Site-Specific Equipment Nomenclature
  • “Dummy Proof” for operators
  • Works with multiple chillers within the same plant
  • Expandable IO for Capability Expansion

  • Expanded Data Capture
  • Remote Monitoring Capability
  • Growth Platform for Expanded Machine Learning
  • I/O expansion modules for future capability


What Customers Say About the Helios TCS®

“We have found real value in continuously maintaining clean condenser and evaporator tubes. We save energy, sure, but we also provide better cooling and at the same time, reduce the maintenance requirements of our chillers.”


Travis T. – Power Plant Manager

“Savings include energy, maintenance & elimination of workload associated with fouling.”


Pat L. – CCantral Utility Plant Lead

“At first we thought the Helios system might be too good to be true. Now, nearly 10 years later, we can’t imagine our operation without it.”


Justin C. – Chiller Plants, Associate Director

“We used a third party to validate Innovas ’ savings numbers and they turned out better than claimed.”


Mike O. – Cooling Plant Manager 


Helios TCS®  Case Studies

Xcel Energy Case Study

Xcel Energy Case Study

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