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A Best Practices Checklist for Water-Cooled Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Why do heat exchangers require cleaning? Scale induced fouling in many water-cooled heat exchangers is a longstanding problem that impacts 97% of plants.  Biofilm and scale accumulate at varying rates based on the quality of source water.  In turn, this reduces the effectiveness of the heat exchanger requiring cleaning maintenance.

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Common Methods for Cleaning Scale from a Heat Exchanger (Pros and Cons)

What Causes Scale in Heat Exchangers The accumulation of unwanted material on the internal surfaces of a heat exchanger tubes is commonly referred to as scale. Deposits come from within source water and if left untreated, will harden onto surfaces compromising the system’s ability to operate and reducing energy efficiency. 

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Excellence in the world of heat exchange operations.

Why is excellence so elusive? Most would state that excellence is a desirable path for everything in our lives, yet the pinnacle of excellence is one of the most elusive places in existence. Why? Excellence as it applies to everything requires unique habits and actions that are often, contrary to

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The underappreciated impacts of biofilm fouling in heat exchanger tubes.

Understanding microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) as it relates to fouling in heat exchanger tubes. One insidious nemesis of chiller operations is microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC).  MIC is a serious concern and is a major cause of fouling in heat exchanger tubes, surface condensers and industrial shell and tube heat exchangers.  

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Heat exchanger cleaning: Bucking the status quo.

The Status Quo……………The Enemy of Progress In 1922, Carrier Corporation invented the first water cooled centrifugal chiller.  The chiller used water and refrigerant gases to create air conditioning for large spaces, usually commercial in nature.  Simply put, water is run through a bundle of long tubes absorbing heat from the

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The award winning Helios TCS® is a breakthrough solution eliminating tube fouling in water-cooled heat exchangers. An automated preventative cleaning system.


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