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Some of the largest energy producers in the United States rely on Innovas Technologies, and the Helios Tube Cleaning System® to improve reliability and chiller tube cleaning effectiveness.

What We Do


Data shows that the Helios TCS offers average annual energy efficiency gains in excess of 10%.


Automation replaces manual chiller tube cleaning reducing operating costs.


Improved chiller performance reduces carbon emissons and increases sustainability.

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Reduce Maintenance Expense

Power generators and utility operators can improve the energy efficiency of water-cooled chillers and central chilled water plants with our Helios condenser tube cleaning system. It keeps chiller tubes continuously clean, while eliminating the need for manual or chemical tube cleaning.

Your organization will see optimized cooling efficiency, reduced energy consumption, reduced environmental pollution discharges and improved plant health and safety.

  • Optimized cooling efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced environmental pollution 
  • Improved plant health and safety
  • Reduced Maintenance Expense
  • Eliminate chiller fouling due to bioscale

IRR of 30%+

A proven formula to increase power generation capacity.

Innovas Technologies provides condenser tube cleaning systems for on-load cleaning of surface condensers in steam or combined cycle plants.  You’ll get continuously clean, efficient surface condensers and increased power generation capacity.  Better yet, your organization will also save on energy and maintenance costs.

Increased Power Generation

Increase power output by 0.5%-4%. Power is generated at maximum efficiency at all times. Extend plant availability, as there is no need to shut down your condenser for tube cleaning.

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

With opportunities for utility rebates, our technology offers rapid financial returns.  Equipment life of 15-20 years yields internal rates of return (IRR) in excess of 30%.

Improved Reliability

Less moving parts = higher reliability.  No moving parts in the ball trap means absolutely no sponge balls are lost.  Our tube cleaning system provides maintenance through continuous, on-load tube cleaning.

Energy Savings of 25%

Latest Projects

University of Wisconsin Case Study for Heat Exchanger

University of Wisconsin - Madison

The facilities team at UW–Madison places a premium on improving the efficiency and productivity of their central cooling plants.

George Mason University Feature

George Mason University

George Mason University’s facilities team realized that Helios represented a significant tool to reduce Mason’s energy usage and carbon footprint. 

Dominion Power Feature

Dominion Power

Dominion Power, one of the largest producers and transporters of energy in the United States relies on Innovas Technologies, and the Helios TCS.

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Helios TCS™ Technology helps UVA win IDEA’s Innovation Award

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