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Helios TCS®  Product Videos

Condenser Tube Fouling Causes & Costs

Condenser tube fouling comes in four major forms and is found in up to 95 percent of operating shell and Tube exchangers.  Some estimates place the cost of this unchecked fouling to the U.S. economy alone at over $70billion.

Innovas Technologies Ball Trap Testing

Innovas performs custom design, testing and fabrication.  Hydraulic modeling and testing is conducted in concert with leading universities like the University of Iowa Hydraulic Laboratory (IIHR) in Iowa City, IA.

Chiller & Condenser Tube Cleaning

The Helios Automatic Tube Cleaning System from Innovas Technologies improves chiller efficiency and process cooling efficiency by preventing fouling in condensers and shell and tube heat exchangers.

 Introducing the Helios TCS from Innovas

We’re changing the world, one chiller at a time.  The Helios TCS® helps increase energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, increase reliability, and sustainability in Chiller Plant operations.