Helios Automatic Tube Cleaning System

How It Works

The Helios Tube Cleaning System is installed on heat exchangers and keeps the tubes clean without time-consuming intervention. Specialized cleaning balls are injected at set intervals into the cooling water flow. The balls rub the tubes clean and are then trapped at the outlet of the heat exchanger, where they are prepared for the next cleaning cycle.

Typical installations, such as central chilled water plants in hospitals or universities, require less than 20 man-hours and only 8 hours of process shutdown. Ball traps are available in a variety of shapes and flow configurations to integrate easily with existing pipe runs and available space for installation.

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The Benefits

Energy Saving, Cost Effective

Innovas Technologies’ Helios automatic tube cleaning system is the key to energy-saving, cost-effective tube cleaning for university, industry, power plants and commercial applications. Traditional cleaning methods have proven to be inefficient, since they require process shutdowns, use harmful chemicals and are expensive to operate.

Improve Energy Efficiency by up to 25%

Our Helios continuous condenser cleaning technology prevents heat exchanger tubes from accumulating mud, scale, or biological fouling. Without Helios, these deposits accumulate over time and significantly degrade the performance of your heat exchanger. With the Helios system, many clients see a 10-15% average gain in energy efficiency, with savings up to as much as 25%.

Rapid Financial Returns

In addition to improved energy efficiency, our tube cleaning system eliminates manual condenser cleaning and extends heat transfer equipment life, providing great returns on investment. Add to that the energy efficiency rebates for which it often qualifies, and the Helios tube cleaning system is a fantastic value!

As illustrated in this chart, the Helios tube cleaning technology allows heat transfer to occur at maximum efficiency and provides significant energy efficiency improvement over periodic manual cleanings.


Automatic tube cleaning system balls

Your Advantages

  • Heat transfer continuously occurs at maximum efficiency
  • Online heat exchanger cleaning requires no process shutdown
  • Chemical-free — no chemical handling or disposal hassle
  • Fully automatic for effortless maintenance
  • Zero lost balls — guaranteed

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