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Finally, a simple solution for improving your refinery’s cooling process efficiency. The Helios Tube Cleaning System prevents fouling in your process heat exchangers naturally and sustainably — without costly process shutdowns or chemical treatments.

Data shows that the Helios TCS® offers average annual energy efficiency gains in excess of 10%.  

Learn more about why leading utilities and energy producers have adopted the Helios® system in chiller plant operations in our library of case studies.

Power Plant Cleaning Technology

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Optimized Chiller Energy Efficiency

Reduced Maintenance Hours

By utilizing Helios systems, facility operators relieve themselves of the burden manually brushing heat exchanger tubes, which can require thousands of man-hours each year. Instead, skilled mechanics and technicians can be freed up to tackle higher-value maintenance tasks.

Increased Cooling Capacity

When exchanger tubes get fouled, less heat can be extracted from the building or process, especially when outside air temperatures climb and condenser water temperatures approach or exceed full-load design conditions. Installing a Helios tube cleaning system ensures that your water-cooled chiller delivers maximum cooling when you need it most.

Maximum Chilled-Water Plant Availability

Important for process-cooling applications (e.g. data centers, industrial or manufacturing process cooling, etc.).  Helios installation eliminates downtime for manual tube cleaning, ensuring n+1 operation is possible even when chiller mechanical failures occur elsewhere.

Modular Expansion for Flexibility

A single Helios skid and controls package can service up to five (5) heat exchangers. After the first Helios system is installed, expanding the system to additional chillers is as easy as adding a dedicated Collector and Ball Trap for each chiller.

Engineered and Fabricated for Compliance & Longevity

Helios systems are designed and fabricated in the United States, and compliant with the most exacting engineering standards on the planet. Unparalleled reliability, and a life cycle outlasting the critical performance equipment the Helios serves, is the goal.

Customized Design Solutions for Applicability & Reduced Installation Cost

Custom design-build solutions are available in a wide range of materials, dimensions, and configurations for specialized applications including seawater, elevated pressures, and unique piping configurations.


What Customers Say About the Helios TCS®

“We have found real value in continuously maintaining clean condenser and evaporator tubes. We save energy, sure, but we also provide better cooling and at the same time, reduce the maintenance requirements of our chillers.”


Travis T. – Power Plant Manager

“Savings include energy, maintenance & elimination of workload associated with fouling.”


Pat L. – CCantral Utility Plant Lead

“At first we thought the Helios system might be too good to be true. Now, nearly 10 years later, we can’t imagine our operation without it.”


Justin C. – Chiller Plants, Associate Director

“We used a third party to validate Innovas ’ savings numbers and they turned out better than claimed.”


Mike O. – Cooling Plant Manager 


Helios TCS®  Case Studies

Xcel Energy Case Study

Xcel Energy Case Study

Xcel EnergyXcel Energy, one of the largest combined electric and natural gas utilities...