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Sponge Ball Tube Cleaning System Saves the Day for PeaceHealth!
October 11, 2016
Innovas Technologies

Facing a unique set of challenges associated with water treatment. The PeaceHealth facilities team in Springfield, Oregon employed sponge ball tube cleaning innovation to their front lines……with game-changing success!

PeaceHealth was restricted from using chemical water treatment due to their proximity to a blue ribbon trout stream. Their non-chemical water treatment program was struggling and they experienced out of control biological growth in their 6,000 ton chiller system. After each chiller tube cleaning the chillers would quickly return to a fouled state, resulting in approach temperatures exceeding 10 degrees. Looking for a solution Pat Lamb of PeaceHealth turned to sponge ball tube cleaning technology.

“Once we turned on the sponge ball tube cleaning systems, our fouling problems disappeared.” states Lamb, manager of the central utility plant. Since implementation, approach temperatures have remained at or below design levels and manual cleaning has not been required for four years. Additionally, with the additional capacity available from the first three chillers, their fourth chiller (trim) is often no longer required to run at all!

Calling the ball system at PeaceHealth a success would be a world class understatement!