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Sustainability, a Key Pillar of Value Provided by Innovas Technologies
May 31, 2018
Innovas Technologies
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Sustainability, a Key Pillar of Value Provided by Innovas Technologies

by | May 31, 2018 | Blog Post | 0 comments

Innovas Technologies is often considered a company that builds products delivering operations costs savings and improved process efficiency. While these are big benefits provided by the Helios Tube Cleaning System ® the incredible sustainability contribution the Helios provides is one of its foundational value elements and shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Our value equation is multi-dimensional and includes 4 main components:

  1. Operations costs savings (energy conservation, cleaning chemical reduction, etc.)
  2. Labor savings
  3. Increased life of heat exchange equipment
  4. Extensive sustainability contribution

How are our customers using the Helios make our world better, greener, and cleaner? The Helios system automatically prevents heat exchanger tubes from fouling—thus enabling the heat exchanger to use less energy to operate. Less energy consumption means less fuel burned to create energy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions—leading to a cleaner world!! To accentuate this benefit, we have improved our sustainability page to utilize an US EPA calculator to keep track of the sustainability impacts our systems are continually generating.

The collective savings will continue to grow ever more rapidly as our products spread, but an even more exciting view is what the Helios offers to a typical operator in their own plant. The following table highlights the individual savings in a real customer application. This example is from a single 1,200-ton chiller operating in the Mid-Atlantic United States. The environmental impact is real, so we hope you will join the effort!

chiller efficiency chart
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