All it takes is one tree to start a forest, so we are taking it to the extreme.

Innovas’ Ongoing Contribution to Sustainability

Cost Savings To Date
Energy Savings To Date (kW-hrs)
GHG Emissions Reductions To Date
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Key Component of Innovas Mission is to Help Our Customers Improve the Health of Our Earth

In our business, the key to success for any efficiency or energy savings solution is that it must provide cost savings to a degree that it generally pays for itself in less than 3 years. Admittedly, when we at Innovas look at the value our products provide, we look first to economic payback but there are other important dimensions of value that the Helios TCS provides including labor hour savings, increased equipment longevity and positive environmental impacts. Together, we call these “Multiple Dimensions of Value”.

While we are proud of the complete value equation our products provide, perhaps the most rewarding impact related to the Helios is its positive environmental impact. Specifically, the Helios enables savings of countless tons of GHG emissions equating to removing the pollution of thousands of cars from the atmosphere and planting millions of trees that clean the air. Broadly speaking, shell and tube heat exchangers are fundamental components of the world’s economy and contribute to the production of electricity, gasoline, manufactured products, food and air conditioning. Disturbingly, 95% of these heat exchangers are subject to energy robbing fouling translating to billions of tons of GHG emissions released into earth’s atmosphere.

So how does the Helios TCS mitigate waste and pollution? By preventing fouling from infecting shell and tube heat exchangers in the first place. Let’s explain further. Shell and tube fouling, as described in our fouling video, creates an insulation barrier between the cooling liquid and the liquid needing to be cooled causing more energy needed to operate the shell and tube system. For example, waste due to heat exchanger fouling causes the typical commercial air conditioning energy bill to increase 5% to 12% more per year than if the heat exchange tubes were maintained clean. The connection to the environment? Inefficient heat exchange requires extra fuel burn to make the extra energy to accommodate the fouling effect causing release of more pollutants into our atmosphere.

As you can see from above, we are working every day, every hour, every minute to reduce the burden shell and tube fouling places on us all through the continuous work done by our Helios Tube Cleaning System.

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