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An Innovative Way to Save On Process Cooling and Comfort Cooling

Now there’s a simple solution for improving the efficiency of your plant’s cooling process. Innovas offers an innovative Helios tube cleaning system technology that cleans your plant’s heat exchangers naturally and sustainably — without costly process shutdowns or chemical treatments. You can also use the Helios solution to increase your plant’s comfort cooling efficiency.

Our Helios technology is beneficial in a wide range of applications: water, fuels, lubricants, acids and other fouling liquids. And we provide fouling-prevention solutions for heat exchangers working in extreme temperatures, with corrosive liquids or other extreme fouling conditions.


  • Increased Productivity: Eliminate the need for process shutdown to clean heat exchanger tubes. Reduce process upsets by continuously operating heat exchangers at stable maximum efficiency.
  • Improved Efficiency: Reduce comfort cooling energy costs by up to 25%. Eliminate scaling and biofilm condenser fouling to continuously operate chillers and condensers at maximum efficiency.
  • Reduced Maintenance Expense: Drastically reduce or eliminate costly and time-consuming downtime for heat exchanger cleaning.
  • Sustainability: Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. No hazardous cleaning chemical handling or disposal required.

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