Power Generation

A Improved Way to Increase Your Power Generation Capacity

Innovas Technologies provides condenser tube cleaning systems for on-load cleaning of surface condensers in steam or combined cycle plants. You’ll get continuously clean, efficient surface condensers and increased power generation capacity. Better yet, your organization will also save on energy and maintenance costs.

Condenser Tube Cleaning System Benefits

  • Increased Power Generation: Increase power output by 0.5%-4%. Power is generated at maximum efficiency at all times. Extend plant availability, as there is no need to shut down your condenser for tube cleaning.
  • Improved Reliability: Less moving parts = higher reliability. No moving parts in the Innovas Technologies ball trap means absolutely no sponge balls are lost. Out tube cleaning system provides simple maintenance through continuous, on-load tube cleaning. Sponge balls do not travel through a pump and therefore do not wear out. Precise cleaning process control means cleaning periods are programmable to maintain a high level of performance and minimize sponge balls wear.
  • Rapid Return on Investment: Our condenser tube cleaning systems offer attractive financial returns. Equipment life of 15-20 years often yields internal rates of return (IRR) in excess of 30%.
  • Reduced Maintenance Expense: Drastically reduce or eliminate costly and time-consuming offline condenser cleaning costs.
  • Sustainability: Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Eliminate chemical cleaning of condensers so there are no hazardous chemical handling or disposal.

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