Xcel Energy Sees 2nd Straight Year of Substantial Energy Efficiency Gains
June 8, 2020
Innovas Technologies
Xcel Energy building

In 2018 we reported the outstanding results that Xcel Energy in Denver had after installing the Helios System. Those results, as confirmed by Xcel Energy show substantial energy efficiency gains after installing the Helios System. Are those results repeatable?

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Original case study:


Join Innovas at CampusEnergy 2022

Join Innovas at CampusEnergy 2022

Join Innovas at CampusEnergy 2022, February 15-18 in Boston, MA.Innovas Technologies is exhibiting at CampusEnergy 2022 to present use cases from leading universities increasing energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs using the Helios TCS.Latest Projects The...

Helios TCS™ Technology helps UVA win IDEA’s Innovation Award

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